Fly Fishers of Davis

How to become a member of the Fly Fishers of Davis

Dues for adults and families are $30/year. Student rate is $15/year. Due to problems and difficulties with the U.S. Post Office we have phased out the hardcopy option for the monthly newsletter. Please be sure to provide a valid email address so that we can get the newsletter to you in Adobe Acrobat format. As a NEW member you are also eligible for a FREE FFD cap . . . very spiffy indeed . . .

Membership Application

name _______________________________________ phone # ___________________

address ________________________________________________________________

city ___________________________________ state _____________ zip ___________

occupation _________________________________________ date ________________

email: ______________________________

Fly fishing interest and experience:


For insurance reasons you MUST be a club member to participate in club sponsored outings.

mail this form and payment to:

Fly Fishers of Davis
P.O. Box 525
Davis, CA 95617

You can also bring this application to the club meetings, which are held at 7:30 p.m., the last Tuesday of the month at a location specified in the monthly newletter (usually Harper Jr. Hi. at 4000 Covell Blvd. in east Davis).

For more information you can contact the club at:

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