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Feb. 27, 2018: - 7:30 PM

Patrick Samuel 'SOS Status of CA Salmon Report'

FFD Outings and 101 Programs
Throughout the year, the Fly Fishers of Davis (FFD) club offers a series of outings designed to provide choices of interest to as many members as possible. In conjunction with the general outing offerings, FFD has a course referred to as FF-101. This adjunct program involves two aspects:
  • First, whenever sufficient beginner fly-fishermen and women are interested, a "basics" course is offered. This course, for young and old, covers the basics of stream trout fishing in California and, as interest suggests, there may be further classes focused on items such as 'stillwaters'.
  • The second (and highly popular aspect) of FF-101 is the outings. This course entails trips to local streams and rivers - in effect, an on-site learning clinic with hands-on instruction from club members. These trips are designed for easy wading in beautiful waters, and all aspects of fly fishing are covered.
When combined, the club outings and FF-101 clinics are designed to provide year-round options that cover as many areas of California fishing as possible. The variety of trips is limited only by the ability of the Club to attract "Fishmeisters" - those club members willing to organize a given trip. Fortunately, a number of members have volunteered for this role, and new "Fishmeisters" are always welcome with open arms.

The following is a month-by-month summary for 2013. Presumably during the year new trips will be added, and some currently scheduled will be cancelled &/or rescheduled. Note that there is an attempt to describe each trip briefly and the suggested related equipment. Where appropriate, a note on the offering of a special FF-101 clinic is provided. This discussion will be updated annually, and if you're interested in signing up for a trip, or if further information is desired, please contact the "Fishmeister" directly at the number (or email) provided in the outings calendar at the bottom of this page.

January - steelhead

The Club offers a winter steelhead trip with guides to the Trinity River. Numbers are limited, and returning members are given preference. There are, however, typically several openings per year. The cost currently is $340 for the two days - plus tip, lodging and food. The weather can be miserable, cold, or even gorgeous, but the chances for fish weighing up to 12 pounds make this a very popular trip.
  • Equipment: 6-7 weight rods
  • Typical method: nymphing with indicators

February - trout

This month has 2 new offerings for 2012, both for trout. One is a float on the Yuba River and the other represents a move of the traditional Amador outing from December to February. Both require floating capability, the Yuba obviously in moving water.
  • Equipment: 4-5 weight rods
  • Typical method: indicating with nymphs and stripping buggers at Amador

March - trout
The one scheduled trip is to Baum Lake and requires some form of floating object in this spring creek. The fish here are generally in the foot long range but can reach over 6 pounds. The chance for numerous fish in a day is good. This is a camping trip with plentiful motels for those who prefer more luxurious accommodations given the potential for snow and other wintry conditions. The evening meal get togethers are always great fun.
  • Equipment: 9 foot and longer rods, 4-6 weight, typically small nymphs, including midges, and small buggers and dries
  • Typical method: indicators, stripping and dries

April - cutthroat and rainbows
In this month as activity heightens two trips are currently scheduled. The first one is to Pyramid where the Lahontan cutthroat trout run from 18 inches to 8 pounds and potentially more. Pyramid is an acquired taste where most fishing is done from ladders in a hog line using both stripping with sinking heads and indicators with large midges. The second is the first Redding Fly Shop trip where members can fish one or two days with guides for the very strong Sacramento bows to 20 inches, although more typically in the 12 inch range. The 2012 guide fee: $170/day + tip.
  • Equipment: 5-7 weight rods at least 9 feet long with both floating and sinking lines, depending on preference, for Pyramid; 4-6 weight rods on Sacramento with floaters
  • Typical method: indicating and stripping at Pyramid; indicating on Sacramento with nymphs and sucker spawn

May - trout and shad
Not surprisingly May finds more activity offered with four get-togethers, three for trout and one for shad.

The initial trout trip is to the UCD field station on the Yuba, where members wade and cast for rainbows up to 20 inches. Next is Hat Creek, an FF-101 outing hosted by Dana Hooper. The third trout venture is to the McCloud where there are both rainbows and browns available and spectacular meals organized by fishmeister Gene Gantt. Note that the wading here requires good wading skills. The shad trip typically hits whatever stretch of the Sacramento seems to be producing well, although the potential exists for diverting to the Feather. Typically this is a boat trip. In 2010 this trip had an optional overnight component which may be organized again depending on interest.
  • Equipment: Hat 4-5 weight rods and dries; McCloud and Yuba: 4-6 weight 9 foot rods with floaters and sinkers if wish to pull streamers; Shad: 6-8 weight rods and at least Hi-speed Hi-d heads
  • Typical method: Hat and McCloud: dries, indicating with nymphs and streamers; Yuba indicating with nymphs; Shad: usual shad flies in chartreuse and pink etc.

June - trout
Several vastly different trout options are available this month.

The first is the Spring trip to Lake Davis where, hopefully, the damsel hatch is in full swing.

Then the Club has an Almanor trip to fish the hex hatch in an attempt to hook trout to 6 pounds and an occasional smallie to 5.

Next is a new trip hosted by Phil Reedy, seeking California's Heritage Trout in either the Alturas area or near Kernville in the southern Sierras. This trip will involve about 6 hours of driving, car camping or motels at the member's option and some hiking in an attempt to land trout in the 6-10 inch range qualifying for the Heritage Program recognition.

The final trip this month (July if a heavy winter) is to Fuller Lake, a put and take fishery just this side of the Sierra crest.

Davis, Almanor and Fuller require some form of floating craft.
  • Equipment: 4-5 weight 9 foot rods at Davis and Fuller, 6 weight at Almanor with floaters and sinking lines depending on preferred method; very light rods (1-4) for the Heritage trip with shore or wading as an option
  • Typical method: Davis: stripping damsels and indicating with damsels and blood midges, also wind drifting with buggers; Almanor: stripping hex nymphs and midges and dry hex patterns; Fuller: midges and PTs under indicators, dries and buggers; small conventional dries like parachute Adams or elk hair caddis for the 'Heritage Trout'

July - trout
The upper Trinity basin is the focus of two of July's get togethers. The first is to Lewiston where we fish the fly only stretch and the lake. The second, which is a 101 trip, is a car camping outing above and to the tributaries into Trinity Lake. Also at some time to be selected dependent on runoffs, the Club will host a trip seeking California's Heritage Trout in the Alturas area. This trip will involve about 6 hours of driving, car camping or motels at the member's option and some hiking in an attempt to land trout in the 6-10 inch range qualifying for the 'Heritage Program' recognition.
  • Equipment: 4-6 weight rods for first Trinity trip and 3-4 weight rods for latter; 1-4 weight rods for Heritage trout with shore fishing or wading options
  • Typical method: for Lewiston area indicators with small pheasant-tails and midges and woolly buggers (any color works as long as they're olive . . . .); for car camping and Heritage trips typical small stream fare including small dries and nymphs

August - trout
This month there are several mountain ventures. One is a backpacking trip hosted by Bob Brodberg, offering numerous small fish with the 'Old Fogies' which involves some serious hiking in the 'Carson-Iceberg Wilderness'.  This outing is rather exclusive being retricted to geezers at least 50 years old, gray haired or bald, conservative, republican and ultra-crotchety.
The other, hosted by Paul Berliner to Kennedy Meadows, is another FF-101 trip with easy wading and nice fishing opportunities for rainbow trout.
  • Equipment: both involve typical small stream equipment
  • Typical method: dries and small nymphs

September - trout
As Yogi Berra might say: "De ja vu all over again" with the Fall version of Lake Davis. Davis offers a real chance for a 20 fish day with most 12-14 inches and an occasional 20 incher.
  • Equipment: see June
  • Typical method: generally same except that blood midges are the go-to-fly

October - bass and trout
Another 3-peat:
  • to Cache Creek(??) for 'California wild heritage bass' . . (HA!).
  • with the Fly Shop guides in the Redding area (the 2012 guide fee: $170/day + tip)
  • to the McCloud
NB: The fall trip to the Sac offers a good shot at a steelie or two and the McCloud a shot at large spawning browns.
  • Equipment: see April, May and June
  • Typical method: see March, May and June but note also yarn eggs and pegged beads vs sucker spawn for steelies in Sac and streamers for larger browns

November - stripers, cutthroat and steelhead
Dana Hooper will host a trip to the Delta for stripers where members with boats mentor those without. The fish are typically schoolies with an occasional adult.

The trip to Pyramid will, again, be in pursuit of Lahontan cutthroats.

The steelhead trip may be to either or both the Trinity &/or Klamath depending on the runs.
  • Equipment: stripers: 7-9 weight rods of 9 feet or more and shooting heads or intermediate lines; steelies: 5-7 weight rods of 9-10 feet; cutts: see April
  • Typical method: stripers: cast and BIG strips and drops with clousers etc.; steelies: indicators and combination of nymphs and egg patterns

December - trout
The Club's last trip of the year is to Luk Lake in Corning just west of the casino, a 'pay-to-play' venue operated by 'The Fly Shop'. The 65 acre lake is stocked with trout to six pounds and has a good population of largemouth bass in the 2-3 pound range as well as some very respectable bluegill.
  • Equipment: 4-6 weight rods of at least 9 feet
  • Typical method: trolling or casting buggers and indicating with 12-14 midges/pts

In order to participate in these outings, for legal reasons, you must be a member of the Fly Fishers of Davis, which is a bargain any way you slice it, at $30 a year.

Dana Hooper

. . . Baum Lake . . .

2018 club outings . . . . .
date fishmeister e-mail
Baum Lake
March 14-18 Dana Hooper
Lower Sac. float
April 11-14 Dana Hooper
Pyramid Lake
(Lahontan cutthroat)
April 18-21 John Imsdahl
Putah Creek
April Steve Karr
Delta 'Bass-N-Fly'
April 28 Dana Hooper
Hat Creek
May 18-20 Dana Hooper
Sac. River
May Cary Boyden
Lake Davis/Frenchman
June 6-10 Cary Boyden
Fuller Lake
June/July Lowell Ashbaugh
July 12-15 Cary Boyden
'Old Farts ONLY!'
(TBD) Bob Brodberg
Frenchman Lake
(TBD) John Imsdahl
Lower Sac. float
October Dana Hooper
'Striperfest' Oct. 21 Dana Hooper
November Dan Kathan
November Gene Gantt
Pyramid Lake
(Lahontan cutthroat)
(TBD) John Imsdahl
Luk Lake
(TBD) Dana Hooper

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